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Can I charge a driver extra for going over the allotted mileage? If so, how much?




  • Edwin Ezewusim

    Do you limit someone on how long they can leave their car in your hand.

    Is it allowed for someone to buy a car purposely to leave it in drift to make some side income.

    If I leave my car for about 3 months and it needs maintenance or any repairs how would that be taking care if.

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  • Avail Team

    Hi Edwin, 

    We typically limit parking to 30 days, but if an owner is interested in leaving their vehicle with Drift for an extended period of time we are happy to work with them as well. Drift is working on a long-term parking agreement that will provide details about how we deal with required maintenance and repairs. You could buy a car and park it with us solely for the purpose of making extra income, but we are not able to guarantee vehicle earnings. Let us know if we can answer any additional questions!

    Catherine with Drift

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